Two-Face Batman Forever Funko POP!

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Two-Face Batman Forever Funko POP!


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Two-Face Batman Forever Funko POP!

Funko announced the release of its latest Funko Pop! vinyl figures based on the 1990’s Batman films.

The releases included this Two-Face Batman Forever Funko Pop!

Two-Face (played by Tommy Lee Jones) along with The Riddler (played by Jim Carrey) were the supervillains in the Batman Forever film (1995).

Two-Face aka Harvey Dent’s name is based on his gruesome physical facial appearance and his split personality, related to an identity disorder.

Two-Face believes luck is the key to everything and uses a coin (heads or tails) to make all his decisions.

The Two-Face vinyl figure depicts the former Gotham city district attorney wearing half a smart dark suit with a groomed appearance holding the coin, and the other half is the complete opposite. A garish pink, punk-ish suit with unruly hair and that scarred sneering face.