Ra’s Al Ghul DC Comics Funko Pop!


Ra’s Al Ghul DC Comics Funko Pop!


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Ra’s al Ghul DC Comics Funko Pop!

Ra’s Al Ghul aka The Demon’s Head is a DC Comics supervillain, and an adversary of Batman.

     Ra’s Al Ghul is a highly skilled warrior who is a master martial artist and swordsman with a genius-level intellect.

Aided by the Lazarus Pit (a pool of water that has restorative abilities) Ra’s Al Ghul has been walking the earth for circa 500 years.

Ra’s Al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assasins, and in Christoper Nolen’s Batman Begins (2005) is depicted as training

the orphaned billionaire giving him the skills that helped him become The Dark Knight.

Ra’s Al Ghul and Batman have much respect for each other but have different ideologies.

There is also a family bond, due to Ra’s Al Ghul being the grandfather of Damian Wayne (the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul).