Die Hard Movie – Hans Gruber Funko Pop!

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Die Hard Movie – Hans Gruber Funko Pop!


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Die Hard Movie – Hans Gruber Funko POP!

Is Die Hard the best Christmas movie ever?

The 1988 action film set in the Nakatomi Plaza is an absolute classic.

John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) stars as the hero cop and has some great iconic film moments.

Equally, Hans Gruber (played by Alan Rickman) was a perfect foil for John McClane’s blue-collar, wise-cracking police officer.

Hans Gruber is ‘an exceptional thief’ who is sophisticated, cold, and calculating with a penchant for a good quality suit.

This Die Movie-Hans Gruber Funko Pop! has Hans wearing an immaculate, tailored suit and a stylish men’s overcoat.