Happy 2019 from SDS Cool Stuff!

Firstly, we would like to thank all the wonderful people who ordered from SDS Cool Stuff in 2018. We are super grateful and hope to hear from you again. We value our customers and appreciate your feedback. We have listened and as well as email notification we have implemented SMS messages to provide further peace…
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Avengers Infinity War Funko Pop!s and PS4 Video Games

Avengers: Infinity War is here and breaking box office records! In line with the new release Funko have released a range of Avengers: Infinity War Funko Pop!s We're happy to have obtained most of the collection (Thanos & Spiderman have slipped through our fingers for the moment...Goddammit). The first thing we noticed was that both…
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Ready Player One Funko Pop! Hot Topic Exclusives & Q& A Points Rewards

Ready Player One Funko Pop! Hot Topic Exclusives & Q& A Points Rewards Hi, I hope you're well and enjoying the weather where you are! Have you checked out our new Funko Pop!s some include characters from Steven Spielberg's new feature Ready Player One including the much loved Iron Giant. We also have some rare…
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SDS Cool Stuff version 2.0

SDS Cool Stuff Website version 2.0-Like the 'Merc with a mouth' SDS Cool Stuff died and has been rejuvenated! We would love to say that we were born with the healing factor mutation bestowed on Deadpool or a certain Mr Howlett...but that wouldn't be true...We would like to take this opportunity to thank Web Design Room for…
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